What plastic do to your health

These days, the use of plastic has been take-up than ever for the many health problems it can cause. Today people should aware that using exorbitant amounts of plastic is not only contributing to the depletion of natural resources but also to the pollution of nature, the impacts plastic has on human health are not discussed nearly as often – although they are equally alarming!

No we have to be limiting the use of plastic in some aspect of our life but especially to meal preparation, because using plastic to save, store or cook in is a major hazard and can have profound negative effects on our health and well being.

The sources of Plastic

Plastics are made out of refined crude oil and contain chemicals such as BPA (Bisphenol-A) that function mainly as plasticisers, making plastic more durable and flexible. While this makes plastic very practical for use, it also adds a significant health risk, especially whenever it comes in contact with food. When plastic is used to store or heat a dish, chemicals from the container can leach into the food.

Studies of laboratory animals have shown that high doses of BPA disrupt reproductive development and functions. It was previously thought that BPA levels in humans weren’t a concern, but there has also been research showing that people who had high levels of BPA in their system had increased rates of a number of serious health issues including diabetes, heart disease and liver toxicity.


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